[MPlayer-users] Blackmagic Codec

Larry Reznick lreznick at idistream.com
Thu Feb 14 22:53:46 CET 2008

I'm trying to read v210-encoded video data using Fedora 6. A reference 
from 2006 that I found shows someone configuring codecs.conf to use the 
blackmagiccodec.qtx. I downloaded the latest Windows XP version from 
http://www.decklink.com/support/software/ but it comes in the form of an 
MSI (Microsoft Installer) file, not a QTX file. The way the person 
configured codecs.conf was as follows:

videocodec qtv210
info "Win32/QuickTime Blackmagic 10Bit"
status untested
fourcc v210
driver qtvideo
dll "BlackmagicCodec.qtx"

Does anyone know how I can interface the MSI file similarly? If not, is 
there a way to convert it to a form that I can use to interface it? Is 
there some other approach I should take to read the v210 video from an 
MOV file?


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