[MPlayer-users] playing to video streams

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it
Sun Feb 10 11:16:46 CET 2008

Il Sunday 10 February 2008 04:24:06 Carl Karsten ha scritto:
> Can mplayer play 2 video tracks at the same time?   Ideally in 2 separate windows.
> For instance, some DVDs have 2+ video tracks, typically called angles.  I want
> to see both of those, plus hear the audio.
> The real need for this is playback of a video of a speaker, and what he is 
> displaying on an overhead. (slides and demo code)  and I don't want to have to 
> do hours of editing later trying to cut back and forth depending on what is 
> interesting.  let the viewer see both, and they can figure out what to pay 
> attention to.
> Carl K

mplayer can't play more than 1 video and 1 audio stream, ATM.
I'm almost scared to say "patch welcome" because the current code
is already very scary...

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