[MPlayer-users] -chapter support with DVDNAV.

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Sun Feb 3 16:18:14 CET 2008

I usually play my DVDs with some shell script which has all the options 
I usually have when playing a DVD:

mplayer -fixed-vo -dvd-device $device -nocache -alang en -slang en 
-forcedsubsonly -fs -speed 0.96 dvdnav://$first $@

now I finally was able to switch completely to DVDNAV instead of DVD as 
now almost everything works as expected with DVDNAV (this being language 
detection of ALANG and SLANG at the beginning).

What I still miss is the chapter support. WHen I specify a certain 
chapter, with DVDNAV mplayer always starts at the beginning, while DVD 
does not (the documentation says chapter is also supported by dvdnav, 
not only dvd), the chapter skip buttons (!, @) though work ob both of 
them, so it's probably only something with the initialization.

Something other: the A-V-Sync seems to get off with the time with 
dvdnav, something never occured with DVD.

mplayer is a fresh SVN r25952, libdvdnav is r997. Any Ideas on a) the 
chapter support (this thing with the av-sync I'll investigate further.

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