[MPlayer-users] Frame-based Seek

Craig Milo Rogers rogers at ISI.EDU
Mon Apr 21 19:26:25 CEST 2008

	It seems to me that MPlayer should have a frame-based seek.
The frame numbers used shoul be the same as the ones used when
expanding a movie to individual JPEG or PNG files.  There should be
the ability to:

1)	specify the start of the segment to view/extract (like -ss)

2)	specify the end of the segment to extract (could be donw using
	-frames, so this is not absolutely required)

3)	specify the sequence number that is to be used as the numeric part
	of the first frame extracted (instead of extracting with 00000001.png
	all the time).  Perhaps (1) could provide the default, but it would
	be nice to override it.  Sometime you would want to start with
	the frame number in (1), sometimes you want to start with 00000001.png,
	and maybe sometime you'd want to use something else that depends upon
	where you want to insert the resulting frames in a new movie.

4)	Internally, MPlayer should use the exact frame number to perform this
	skip, to avoid rounding error and the proble of framerate changes
	in the skipped section.

					Craig Milo Rogers

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