[MPlayer-users] Assembling with Frame Rate Changes and Other Changes

Craig Milo Rogers rogers at ISI.EDU
Mon Apr 21 19:35:23 CEST 2008

	Suppose that I have frame sequences (JPEG or PNG) that I want
to assemble into an MPEG, and I know that different sections have
different parameters associated with them (frame rate certainly,
perhaps resolytion, aspect ratio, color space?).  How do I assemble thes
frames (and an autio track) together?

	One possibility is that I don't need to worry about this
directly, and the DVD-building tool will glue these things together
for me.  Can one simply cat MPEG files, of differing characteristics,
together and then lay an audio stream against it?  Pointers to
documentation would help shut me up :-).  Alternatively, perhaps an
extension to mencoder is justified/required.


 					Craig Milo Rogers

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