[MPlayer-users] repeating edl

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Tue Apr 22 23:38:28 CEST 2008

Gilles Pelletier wrote:

> I want to cut out two bad sections of my video, using edl tips that I
> got from this list.
> I am testing the edl command on mplayer in order to eventually edit
> my videos using mencoder.
> Using -edlout, I created a file containing the following:
> 0.899991 1.299987 0
> 3.033303 3.299967 0
> When I play the file using the following command:
> mplayer -msglevel identify=6 -geometry 100%:0  -edl edit videos/00263.avi
> the video repeately plays to .9 seconds then starts over.

My (only mildly informed) guess would be that it is reaching that point,
attempting to seek to 3.033303 seconds, and finding that the closest
point it can reach is 0 - so it starts over at the beginning. If that is
the cause, then I *think* that MEncoder, using -hr-edl-seek, should not
have this problem.

    The Wanderer

    My usual .sig is on vacation while I adjust to my new computer

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