[MPlayer-users] Tearing and VSync [WAS: Re: Mplayer picture question]

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Mon Apr 21 09:17:50 CEST 2008

Martin Emrich wrote:
> I am quite sure that this is not possible with an nvidia graphics card
> (correct me if I am wrong), but what is the best recommended hardware
> for tearing- and artefact-free mplayer/ffmpeg output to a TV set (analog
> Composite video or soon via DVI/HDMI)?
> Or how do I enable VSync on X.Org (the player PC is fast enough, and
> skipping/repeating one frame every few seconds to resyncronize would be
> quite less annoying for me than the constant tearing)?
With nvidia, given you use the nvidia closed source driver, there are 
options in nvidia-settings as to whether vsync on the VGA/DVI output or 
the TV-Out output. Synching to the TV-Out should resolve the issue 
(though, then there's tearing on the computer screen). This is also 
valid with DVI/HDMI (as it is the case with my setup), I have 
synchronized it to the DFP-HDMI Philips whatsover, and not on the CRT 
monitor I use on the screen, and everything is cool. I'm not sure 
anymore if this is the case with the current driver, but switching to 
text mode and back loses the settings, as the vsync is once again the 
the CRT, you have to call nvidia-settings once again (though this issue 
might be addressed in the current driver)

If you use nv (though I doubt that, since there would be major problems 
with the TV-Out), nvidia-settings are not available, and all of the 
above is moot.


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