[MPlayer-users] BT878 Audio Sourcing

Kevin Foss fossks at cox.net
Mon Apr 21 01:51:35 CEST 2008

    I've been building a frontend for MPlayer using Python-Qt and one of the 
functions available is to watch TV that is displayed in a Qt Window.

    I can watch TV through just about any application such as TVtime, Xawtv, 
etc. as well as MPlayer.  However with MPlayer I run into the problem of 
sound.  Too much sound actually.  I get the sound twice.  Now in order to 
make the frontend as generic as possible I want to us MPlayer's internal 
volume control that can be controlled with in Slave Mode.  So far I can get 
sound coming in that is in sync with the video but I cannot control it with 
MPlayer's volume control.  If I use the -softvol option, I can control it 
with MPlayer, but I get a double helping of the TV audio.

	My system uses a Hauppauge WinTV PCI tuner.  I am currently using Mandriva 
2008.0 on a Jetway J9F2-KHDE (Intel HDA drivers).

	I would really like to find out how to configure the MPlayer sound in 
conjunction with the Alsa mixer settings to get a consistent audio playing in 
the TV.  The issue is worse when I have to re-setup Mplayer to play regular 
video or audio.  So not having to reconfigure each time I change media type 
would be good.

Thanks in advance,

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