[MPlayer-users] Dumping yuv4mpeg at faster than realtime

Bryan Donlan bd at fushizen.net
Fri Apr 11 18:56:51 CEST 2008

RC wrote:

> On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 11:35:55 -0400
> Bryan Donlan <bd at fushizen.net> wrote:
>> I'm trying to dump yuv4mpeg at faster-than-realtime speed, so I can
>> pipe it into x264.
> You know Mencoder can encode with x264 directly...
>> mplayer -vo yuv4mpeg:file=stream.y4m -ao pcm:fast:file=/dev/null -vf
>> [...] inputfile
>> but this produces A-V desynchronization (with or without -mc 0).
> How is it possible to have A/V sync issues when you're only using the
> video stream, and there is no audio involved?
> In any case, try -benchmark, -speed 100, etc.

I am remuxing into mp4 using MP4Box afterward - this is for an upload to the
nico nico douga video sharing site, and I haven't had much success with
mencoder itself encoding (It's been a few weeks since I tried it though;
I've forgotten exactly what broke...).

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