[MPlayer-users] playing multicast channels (urgent)

amit bag amit.bangalore07 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Apr 8 08:02:17 CEST 2008

in vlc also after 30 seconds of play the player stop playing .Is there any option to send multicast group join  request at every 30 secend .And can any one tell me where I get the letest command line mplayer for windows so that I can use that by system call to that exe of mplayer .

Nico Sabbi <Nicola.Sabbi at poste.it> wrote:   On Friday 04 April 2008 15:22:45 amit bag wrote:
> Hi All,
>          I am doing a project on windows platform in which I play
> the channels using mplayer  .In mplayer there is a option to play
> the multicast channels  for example as follows mplayer
> udp://
> I receive the data from the streamer which stream the channel data
> in TS formate .I use the 3500 port to receive the data .The problem
> is that 1> when the mplayer starts playing the channel is pause at
> the beginning and I have to manually press the space button twice
> to starts playing . 2> There is so many glitches  coming and after
> 30 seconds of play it stop playing because in every 30 second one
> multicast group join request need to send otherwise it stop playing
> .
> So is there any option for mplayer to send multicast request in
> ever 30 seconds .And how I reduce the glitches so that it play
> smoothly. And is there any option to save the data in a desire
> location in the pc while playing channels . Please if any one know
> the solution of my problem tell me how to do it . Thanks in advance
> .
> Regards,
> Amit

you seem to have reception problems. Does vlc udp://@
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