[MPlayer-users] mplayer does not disable DPMS

Fluxid fluxid at o2.pl
Tue Oct 23 23:52:51 CEST 2007

Dnia 21-10-2007 o 22:22:09 Louis-David Mitterrand <vindex+lists-mplayer-users at apartia.org> napisał:
> Using version 1:1.0.rc2-0.1 on debian unstable, mplayer doesn't disable
> DPMS (monitor blanking) like it used to.
> Is that a known problem?

It happens to me too.

Try using xset:
# turn off
xset -dpms
# turn on
xset +dpms

You can automate this by using alias for mplayer, defined in ~/.bashrc (taken from gentoo wiki)

function mplayerwrap {
	xset -dpms
	mplayer "$@"
	xset +dpms

alias mplayer="mplayerwrap"

Maybe this will help...

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