[MPlayer-users] Mplayer playlist question

P J P prasad at ncb.ernet.in
Mon Oct 15 07:04:09 CEST 2007

   Hey, hi again!

On Fri, 12 Oct 2007, The Wanderer wrote:
> And how is MPlayer supposed to know what sources to use to update (or,
> rather, re-create) this list?

   Well, ideally it should refer to the first source from which it created 
the list first time. A playlist file for example. However, I understand 
that in case of `*.mp3' that won't be possible.

> MPlayer works with files (or, rather, streams), not with directories.
> The most it can do in this respect is to take data from a text file and
> treat it as a list of individual names.

   Even that is okay. Something is always better than nothing.

> If you want to manipulate MPlayer's "internal" playlist, then you have
> to keep track of what you want to add to it (etc.) on your own, and even
> then AFAIK you can only "add" or "replace wholesale" rather than being
> able to e.g. selectively remove.

   Who wants to remove? I'm only talking about adding new tracks to the 

> Who said anything about a switch? moosic is a playlist-handling program,
> which can use any kind of program to handle the files to be played. You
> could very easily use MPlayer as the actual playback program, and just
> use moosic to handle the playlist.

   Oh, I thought it's a different media player itself, sorry. This should 
be interesting.

    -P J P
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