[MPlayer-users] Proposed MPlayer MinGW howto Update (Needs review)

JonY 10walls at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 15:57:13 CEST 2007


Nicolas Hesler wanted MPlayer-MinGW-Howto.txt updated. Probably should 
have asked in MPlayer-users instead of mencoder-users.

Since nobody else responded, I've decided to write an updated howto. It 
is not complete yet, see the todo list.

Those who are interested, please review. This is a major rewrite, based 
on the old FAQ. Hopefully I won't get flamed for rewriting it.

The text is already processed by expand, so it should not contain any tabs.

0. Is msysDTK still needed?
1. FAQs
2. Useful Links
3. Binary Codecs
4. dvdnav + libdvdread + libdvdcss
5. libcdio

I have no idea what to write for the FAQ, any questions? Should I 
suggest installing GDB as well?

Major rewrite, removed unneeded dx7headers, updated libs and
links, based on Stefan Gürtler's howto.

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