[MPlayer-users] Scrolling Closed Caption on mplayer

Bill techbill at stlaware.com
Tue Oct 16 10:45:00 CEST 2007

I been using mplayer for a long time and wouldn't use any other mpg 
players because being deaf person so I depend on closed caption greatly 
and i love my mplayer that support almost any type of closed caption 
including scrolling closed caption but it is very old and about 3 year old.

So I download the latest mplayer thinking there been some major 
improvement over the 3 year old mplayer, the closed caption still work 
in the newer mplayer but the scrolling caption does not work anymore and 
I tried every possible setting and still does not work or display 
caption that scrolls.

So was it a bug that it got broken over the upgrades or changes because 
many of my tv shows I recorded uses scrolling caption and I depends on 
mplayer greatly to watch my shows with captions so is it possible to 
look into it and see if it can be restored or fixed to support scrolling 
caption once again?

My mplayer file date is Jan 18, 2005 if it helps you get an idea when it 
was last working. If you need a mpg that have scrolling caption embedded 
into it then let me know and Ill get you a clip of some show with 
scrolling caption.

Thank you

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