[MPlayer-users] Mplayer playlist question

P J P prasad at ncb.ernet.in
Fri Oct 12 07:13:48 CEST 2007

    Hello Wanderer,

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, The Wanderer wrote:
> You originally requested the ability to have MPlayer "rescan" the
> directory where the files are located, and add all of the new files in
> it to the playlist.


> What your most recently quoted paragraph above seems to be requesting is
> the ability to have MPlayer "rescan" the directory and *replace* the
> playlist with all of the files which are new enough.

   Replace? No, I never said(or meant) *replace*. That is definitely not 
what I want.

> Anything which is capable of handling playlists and invoking an external
> program, for one thing. moosic is designed for exactly that purpose.
> For that matter, it could also be done with a wrapper script such as my
> example one above, albeit in a cruder way given current functionality.
> Given that you are constantly talking about "refreshing" a playlist, I
> do not think that you are using the concept of "playlist" in the same
> way that MPlayer understands it. I do not, however, presently have time
> to hash the matter out in detail; I need to get ready for work.

   Erm, it seems that we have some disjoint view of this playlist. Let me 
try and explain:

   when I say refreshing mplayers playlist, I don't mean updating a file on 
my disk; that can be done by `ls $HOME/sng/newfile.mp3 >> mplayer.pls'. 
But, for mplayer to play this new file, it has to be there in it's 
*internal* playlist, right? A list, which I suppose mplayer creates when 
it reads a playlist file or the command line.

   And for this effect to take place, at present, I have to restart the 
mplayer. Which I really don't see as usable solution.

> <shrug> In some senses it may not be, but it is a cleaner solution
> overall. If the functionality of the loadlist command were to be
> extended as I suggested in my previous mail, then it would accomplish
> what you want except for not being automatic

   Well, I only see some ray of light in this `loadlist' thing. I'll see 
how can I use it best.

> I would support a request for such an extension to loadlist, but as a
> possible alternative and/or stopgap, I would really suggest that you
> look into moosic and see if its feature set is enough to satisfy you.

   Ummn, I don't feel very positive about doing such switch.

    -P J P
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