[MPlayer-users] Mplayer playlist question

P J P prasad at ncb.ernet.in
Wed Oct 10 07:16:47 CEST 2007

     Hello all,

I use mplayer everyday, non-stop, in quite a peculiar(for some) way.

  $ mplayer -loop 0 -shuffle $HOME/sng/*.mp3 < /tmp/mplayer.in > /dev/null &

  + sng: is the directory where I keep all my music files.
  + mplayer.in: is a pipe I use to send commands to mplayer.

This way, once started, I safely(and literaly) forget about mplayer, and 
it seems to go on for ever. I rally like mplayer for that. :)

Now, lately what is happening is, during the course of days browsing I 
download music files to $HOME/sng directory; And then I have to restart 
mplayer to include those new files into it's playlist.

Question: Is there any way by which mplayer can take care of those new
           files without my restarting it?

My solution(s) go something like this

  1. I would like myplayer to check - after every song(ie. after every 4/5
     minutes) - if there were any new addtions to the `$HOME/sng'
     directory, and include those files to its playlist. That sounds quite
     promising, doesn't it?

  2. Or by using SIGHUP signal. Whenever I want to refresh its playlist, I
     would send SIGHUP signal to mplayer.

Is this possible in any way?

Thank you!
    -P J P
PS: Please don't send me html/attachment/Fwd mails

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