[MPlayer-users] Windows: Moving MPlayer output-window to second screen (vo = DirectX:noAccel)

Benjamin Wilms info at wilms-software.de
Tue Oct 9 16:39:33 CEST 2007

Hi there,

I'm doing a small viewer-app, where I'm running mplayer in slave-mode to
show rtsp-streams in my app.

But no matter, if i use the slave-mode or running the mplayer manual by
console, I'm not able to move or start the mplayer-output-window to
another screen, then the first one!

Systems are Win2003 or WinXP Prof.
PC with multiple monitors (2-4)

Anybody any ideas, how I can enable the mplayer to show the video also
on the other than the primary screen?

PS: On the other screen, the output is simply black!

Kind regards,


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