[MPlayer-users] (Documentation): Error in MPlayer man-page

kofboy kofboy at 163.com
Tue Oct 9 04:16:46 CEST 2007


>I already posted this in another thread; here again as a new topic:
>In the current man page it says in line 3422 et sqq. (line 4337 et sqq.
>in the source):
>> >  threads=<1-8> (MPEG-1/2 only)
>> >       number of threads to use for decoding (default: 1)
>Obviously, this also works for MPEG-4, thus the documentation should be

someone say that it works for H264 too.

>Hi Igor,
>for me, using "-lavdopts threads=2" works for most of the h.264-streams
>broadcasted on BBC.
>This is really a nice feature, because without it, my system would be to
>slow to do the real-time-decoding.
>Of course, given the amount of multi-core-cpus out there today, and the
>increasing number of MPEG-4-HDTV-channels, it would also be very nice if
>it worked on every h.264-stream or file there is.
>(or a working, improved XvMC implementation / graphics hardware
>acceleration for MPEG-4)
>But we can still dream..

               kofboy at 163.com

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