[MPlayer-users] vf expand & menu problems

Sven Faerber svenfaerber at web.de
Mon Oct 8 16:13:06 CEST 2007

I assume, this is a known issue, as I found discussions on this subject in 
some forums. But since this seems to be unresolved, I have to ask the list.
When using mplayer's osd menu with -vf expand, the black areas are not redrawn 
when exiting the menu.
I use 
mplayer -vo xv -ontop -mixer-channel Vol -monitoraspect 16:10 -quiet -vf 
scale=1440:-2,expand=1440:900 -menu -af volnorm=1 -lircconf ~/.mplayer/lircrc 
~/.mplayer/Shades.mpg -menu-startup -nocache -font /usr/share/mplayer/fonts/font-arial-iso-8859-1/font-arial-28-iso-8859-1/font.desc
xset dpms force off
bound to a key on my remote to open videos for playback on my 16/10 display, 
where 4/3 material is *sort of* autocropped by aspect.
The only reason for the -vf expand portion of the command is material with a 
wider aspect than 16/10 like movies or modern tv-shows in 16/9.

Is the a way around that? maybe some unheardof videofilter "aspectcrop" I've 
been waiting for for quite some time or a way to redraw the black parts of 
the screen, added by -vf expand.

Regards, Sven.

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