[MPlayer-users] configuring default mplayer XV attributes?

Michael Shell list1 at michaelshell.org
Mon Oct 8 04:18:54 CEST 2007


I'm running a recent version of mplayer (SVN-r24428) on my linux box
with ATI (Gatos) drivers. One annoying thing is that mplayer changes
some XV attributes and leaves them in this state after exiting. I
can see this via


One problem this causes is with ogle. mplayer resets XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY
to zero and this has to be set to 1 again to make ogle happy. This could
be looked upon as an ogle problem, but mplayer also sets XV_BRIGHTNESS
to 200, which is too dark on my system. I can increase this with the
brightness keys, but when restarting mplayer, it sets it right back to
200 :(.

How do I tell mplayer in its configuration: (1) what XV attribute values
to use on startup, and/or (2) to leave the current XV attributes as-is
on startup?

  Thanks in advance,

  Mike Shell

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