[MPlayer-users] Unable to compile on OSX

Mohammad A. Haque mhaque at haque.net
Sun Oct 7 18:58:56 CEST 2007

On Oct 7, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Xavier Cambar wrote:

>> I'm using this version also. You need
>> --with-freetype-config=/opt/local/bin/freetype-config as your
>> configure parameter, and may also need
>> --with-extraincdir=/opt/local/include
>> --with-extralibdir=/opt/local/lib
> I'm desperate!
> None of these args bring me to success...
> I even notices that using --with-extralibdir=/opt/local/lib --with-
> extraincdir=/opt/local/include, a third undefined symbol appears:
> _FcFreeTypeQueryFace
> I confess: Now, I feel totally incapable of solving this by myself...

I can confirm that lastest SVN as of this morning compiles fine on  
mac intels. The following is what I used to build my mplayerosx builds.

./configure \
--disable-gui \
--disable-mencoder \
--disable-xinerama \
--disable-xv \
--disable-x11 \
--enable-largefiles \
--enable-macosx-finder-support \
--enable-menu \

Make sure you have both the X11SDK and X11User packages installed to  
be sure you have the stock freetype installed.


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