[MPlayer-users] Cache Problem with mplayer

asdfgyx at fastmail.fm asdfgyx at fastmail.fm
Thu May 31 03:46:27 CEST 2007

OS is Debian etch (stable), fresh netinstall.

I installed mplayer via aptitude. 
I don´t have a mplayer.conf and use mplayer from the console to call a
DVB-T box.

This works with my other Debian WS (installed with etch/testing 2 month
ago and i never upgraded) and mplayer worked on this problem machine and
a Win2000 installation. 

Kplayer and gmplayer can play video files by the way. 

I have now installed Debian etch/stable and i can´ t get mplayer working
with the DVB-T box. The cache fills very slow. For 2048 KB it needs
arround 30 sec, after the cache is filled mplayer makes a full stop for
annother 20 sec and starts playing the cache. Again mplayer stops and
fills the cache for a next round and so on. Very curios.

Thought this was a audio card problem or a NIC problem. I changed the
card and the NIC, but that doesn´ t help. Any ideas?

  asdfgyx at fastmail.fm

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