[MPlayer-users] Crash on playing any audio

Stephan Diestelhorst dr.syon at freenet.de
Tue May 22 23:56:00 CEST 2007

> >   I have some problems playing any audio with mplayer, independent of the
> > media (i.e. film, only mp3 file) using alsa. Everything works fine, when
> > I use "-nosound" or "-ao null".

Please accept my sincere apologies. The error was resolved by rebooting (by 
accident) after I installed standalone ALSA drivers (version: ) as opposed 
the one shipped in linux (..). Of course I did update the drivers before 
bothering the list, but obviously rmmod for all snd_* kernel modules and then 
modprobing the new ones is something different than a clean reboot.


P.S.: Checking for memory allocation errors would be nice!

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