[MPlayer-users] Playing 1080p and system too slow message - audio sync

Piotr Stachura albert1 at autocom.pl
Sat May 19 15:24:33 CEST 2007

Dnia sobota, 19 maja 2007, Stephen Mollett napisał:
> Which video output driver are you using? xv or gl/gl2 would probably be the
> best ones to try. The low frames-per-second figure you mention with
> glxgears might make the opengl drivers unfeasible, though. I'd expect
> something a bit quicker than 2000 with a GeForce 7 series card - my ATI
> X850XT gives me about 10,000.

Not only you, I have GF6600 and I've got 20424 !! (that's over 10 times better 
than GF7 ;) )
Anyway, the problem is perhaps in GPU drivers, what kind of it are you using?
BTW. for my AMD64 3000+ I need "only" 114% power to play 1080p :]

Piotr Stachura
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