[MPlayer-users] mplayer crash on 64-bit Fedora Core 6 machine.

Dean S. Messing deanm at sharplabs.com
Tue May 15 20:36:42 CEST 2007

Reimar Döffinger wrote:
: On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 04:33:59PM -0700, Dean S. Messing wrote:
: > Reimar Döffinger wrote:
: > : On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 08:48:40AM -0700, Dean S. Messing wrote:
: > : similar, x11 is quite slow and really not a good idea for such high
: > : resolutions (though since your video is already in BGR format -vo gl is
: > : probably not faster. You could try "-vo gl -dr" though, I do not know if
: > : ATI supports the functions needed for that yet though).
: > 
: > It didn't work.
: What exactly do you mean by "didn't work"? -vo gl2 is a possibility too.

Sorry, I don't remember.  It was either an error message, or I got
noisy junk being rendered at the top of the screen.  It was not a
crash (not much help, I know).

In the mean time I was able to install (not build) the 32-bit pre-built
mplayer.rpm from fedora (actually "livna")  and it works properly
with -vo x11.  -vo gl2 also worked but the rendering was much slower
than -vo x11.

I would really like to rebuild the package from the .src.rpm for
32-bits on the target machine but I can't figure out how to do it.
The package detects that its x86_64 and compiles the 64-bit version.

: > Also if there's any hope of driving the Toshiba display (4096x2160, QHD)
: > under Linux (which I can't currently do) I figured I had to use the
: > latest fglrx, esp. given the card is proprietary.  The Toshiba display
: > is not a standard display: It takes in two dual link DVI signals
: > each 1920x2160 and "stitches" them together to form the QHD image.
: I doubt the solution for this will be any different regardless which
: driver you use.

Agreed.  I am using the same fglrx driver and things work with 32-bit

: > : > Is it possible that the card is unable to "flip"
: > : > and mplayer crashes when it tells the card to do so?
: > : 
: > : No, doesn't seem like a problem related to the video card, BGR stuff if
: > : just tested very rarely, it could be something missed while porting
: > : to AMD64 architecture.
: > : 
: > 
: > The machine uses a 32/64 bit Intel processor.  I don't know if that is
: > "AMD64 architecture" or not.
: AMD64, EM64T, x86_64 (anything x86 running in 64 bit mode) is all the same
: at least for userspace. I personally decided not to care for some intel
: developer's ego and just stick with the original AMD64 name.

Clearly it's not the card in this case.

: > So from what you are saying, I ought to try building the 32-bit
: > version of mplayer (which I know works on my various 32-bit machines)
: > and see if that works.
: No, you ought to try to make a proper bug report and help us fix it. But
: since I was able to reproduce it you don't need to anymore.

Ok, I'm glad of this.  Did you simply run mplayer on a 64-bit machine
and force -vc rawbgr24flip  ?

You might also be able to reproduce the error I got when using -vo gl.

: > I'm new to x86_64 multilib machines.  I will have to figure out what
: > to pull onto the machine to do this and hope that I don't create a
: > rat's nest for the package manager.
: brrr. multilib is ugly. If you're lucky and it's something simple it will
: be fixed soon.

I hope so.  FYI (you'll be happy to know :-), we just bought an Nvidia
Quadro FX5500 for this machine to replace the ATI card since I can't
get the ATI card to drive the 4096x2160 display under Linux.

Thanks for all your help, Reimar.


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