[MPlayer-users] deinterlacing quality issues

Andrew Henry adhenry at bredband.net
Tue May 15 19:17:56 CEST 2007

Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Please try to explain what "green band about 10 scan lines thick" means:
> Do you see them when you try:
> mplayer capture.dv -vf yadif
> mplayer capture.dv -vf yadif,scale=-10:-1
> mplayer capture.dv -vf scale=-10:-1,yadif
yes, I see the green line no matter what settings I choose for -vf
options.  I have not however, tried to change the settings for
x264encopts at the same time.  Maybe it is this that causes problem when
used with Yadif?  Note that if I use kerndeint with my x264encopts then
I do not get a green line or green artefacts in the image.
> or only if you try
> mencoder capture.dv -vf yadif -ovc lavc -oac copy -o test.avi
> mencoder capture.dv -vf yadif,scale=-10:-1 -ovc slavc -oac copy -o test.avi
> mencoder capture.dv -vf scale=-10:-1,yadif -ovc lavc -oac copy -o test.avi
> mencoder capture.dv -vf yadif -ovc x264 -oac copy -o test.avi
> mencoder capture.dv -vf yadif=1 -fps 50 -ofps 50 -ovc x264 -oac copy -o t.avi
No I have not tried these yet.
> and so on...
> You did not even explain where the green band is - it could be in the middle of
> the video, from what you wrote.
I said in previous mail:

"...green band at the bottom of the film..."

It is quite a thin line and it fluctuates whilst playing the movie.  I also see some green coloured artefacts in the film in different places.  I also wrote that I would be willing to upload an image so you could see what I mean.  Can I attach an image to list mail?

> Carl Eugen

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