[MPlayer-users] encoding an xvid for viewing on TV

Andrew Henry adhenry at bredband.net
Sat May 12 20:27:05 CEST 2007

John Brown wrote:
> That page says that it is a list of "The current FOURCCs registered with
> Microsoft". You can get a list of FOURCCs known to exist, registered or
> otherwise, at http://www.fourcc.org/codecs.php. 
> [cut]
doh!  my mistake.  looked at first google hit and took it as gospel.
> 1) Have you checked the manual or contacted the manufacturer of your DVD player
> to find out the exact specs for its DivX support?
Manual says 720x576 25fps.  Supports divx 3/4/5 but doesn't specify a
max bitrate.
> 2) Failing that, can you run mplayer -identify on your compatible bittorrents,
> and then use those exact parameters when encoding your own files?
Thanks for the tip.  I did that and it really helped me.  Now however, I
realise ive wasted mail lists time, because I just burnt some test files
to CD: -xy 640, -xy 720 and one without specifying -xy, which would
generate a 1024x576 file at 1500kbps 25fps, and all 3 files played just
fine on my DVD player.  I can only guess as to why they didn't play
before...maybe I was using xvidencopts that were not compatible with my
player.  Also when I specify -ffourcc, then the files dont play at all! 
But the following generates files that play fine on TV, where source is
1024x576 25fps rawdv file:

mencoder "$infile" -ovc xvid -aspect 16:9 -vf
harddup,kerndeint,scale=-10:-1 -xvidencopts fixed_quant=4:qpel -oac
mp3lame -lameopts preset=192 -o "$file.avi"

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