[MPlayer-users] Send audio to multiple devices

Del Corro Ramiro-ARC054 arc054 at motorola.com
Thu May 10 16:45:02 CEST 2007

For example, I have 2 audio cards and one of them is the default. I want
to send the audio to both cards at the same time. Is that possible? 
I do not understand your example input.file. The input is the audio +
video files separately. What's the meaning of that file?

Thanks a lot.


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Del Corro Ramiro-ARC054 wrote:
> Hi, Its possible to send the audio to the default /dev/audio and to 
> another device at the same time? If not, how can audio be sent to a 
> file or somewhere to capture it from a custom made software? I will 
> use this syntax because the audio and video will be in different 
> files: mplayer -audiofile some.audio.file some.video.file .
> Thanks
> Ramiro
as said just run an other instance of mplayer (mplayer some.audio.file)
after the first command (mplayer input.file -audiofile some.audio.file
some.video.file) to send audio the default device.
I don't  understand "another device" other than default audio and file
(=capture), because is depending on you hardware.
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