[MPlayer-users] MMS streaming issue (stream resumability)

Jorge Fábregas jfabregas at onelinkpr.net
Thu May 10 04:34:10 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 09 May 2007 8:01 pm, Compn wrote:
> there is mplayer -loop 0 mms:// blah , but with -dumpstream , it will
> overwrite stream.dump file...

Hey, this seems good! I did a test and it didn't overwrite the stream.dump 

Before that, I basically did this:

1) mplayer mms://blabla bla ( I'm listening now...)
2) I disconnect ethernet cable ...
3) I stop listening in a couple of seconds (after buffer was consumed)
4) I wait 30 seconds...
5) I reconnect cable
6) and nothing happens :(   (it won't resume)

If I do the same thing with loop -0 it will resume when I put back the cable 
in!  And then I did the test with the file and it wasn't truncated when I 
reenabled connection!

I'll try this in the following days...and I'll see how it works with my 

Thanks compn!


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