[MPlayer-users] Out of Sync when playing any media files on ARM

hawkisme hawkisme at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 21:39:53 CET 2007

My Dear Friends:
  First,I used this config to cross compile my Mplayer 1.0Pre8  
./configure --cc=arm-linux-gcc  --host-cc=gcc  --target=arm-linux --enable-cross-compile --enable-linux-devfs  --disable-win32  --disable-dvdread --enable-fbdev  --disable-mencoder  --enable-libavcodec  --enable-liba52  --disable-libmpeg2 --enable-static

The cross compile process was very successful.

But,when I try to use Mplayer to play some small Divx AVI files on PXA270 ,it was totaly out of sync!The sound runs much faster than the video.I also try some small MPEG1 AVI files,but the problem remained the same. Using -nortc didn't make sense. 
How could I fix this problem?

Besides,How to let Mplayer perform well on ARM?

Thank you very much!


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