[MPlayer-users] No video on Edgy Kubuntu AMD64 Nvidia

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Sun Jan 14 16:48:54 CET 2007

Raena Lea-Shannon wrote:

> mplayer -vo help
> MPlayer dev-SVN-r21923-4.1.2 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team
> CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+ (Family: 15, Model: 47, Stepping: 2)
> CPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 1 3DNow2: 1 SSE: 1 SSE2: 1
> Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 3DNow 3DNowEx SSE SSE2
> Available video output drivers:
>         fbdev   Framebuffer Device
>         fbdev2  Framebuffer Device
>         cvidix  console VIDIX
>         null    Null video output
>         mpegpes Mpeg-PES to DVB card
>         yuv4mpeg        yuv4mpeg output for mjpegtools
>         tga     Targa output
>         pnm     PPM/PGM/PGMYUV file
>         md5sum  md5sum of each frame

Apparently you have none of the X11 development headers, the OpenGL
development headers, or the SDL development headers installed. Correct
that (particularly the first one) and recompile, and this list should
expand considerably.

Either that, or you *do* have them but they are not being detected
correctly; in that case, the contents of the relevant section of
configure.log would be appropriate.

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