[MPlayer-users] Problem with win32 and mencoder piping

John Doe quake74 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 14:17:36 CET 2007


I'm a long time user, first time poster. I am trying to pipe the output of
mencoder to x264 but I have problems.
Using the builds from mplayerhq.hu doesn't work. Using the ones from
http://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer-win32.php gives some strange results.
The two files produced by

mencoder orig.avi -frames 100 -ovc raw -of rawvideo -o rawoutput
mencoder orig.avi -frames 100 -ovc raw -of rawvideo -msglevel all=-1 -o -

are identical, and x264 happily swallows the last one and produces a nice

x264 -o rawoutputpipe.mkv rawoutputpipe 368x208
x264 [info]: using cpu capabilities MMX MMXEXT SSE SSE2
x264 [info]: slice I:2     Avg QP:23.00  size:  5915  PSNR Mean Y:45.45 U:
V:52.77 Avg:46.47 Global:46.06
x264 [info]: slice P:98    Avg QP:26.00  size:  2942  PSNR Mean Y:42.06 U:
V:41.23 Avg:41.85 Global:41.67
x264 [info]: mb I  I16..4: 73.6%  0.0% 26.4%
x264 [info]: mb P  I16..4: 28.6%  0.0%  4.7%  P16..4: 20.8%  7.4%  1.4%
0.0%  0
.0%    skip:37.2%
x264 [info]: SSIM Mean Y:0.9902164
x264 [info]: PSNR Mean Y:42.132 U:42.649 V:41.463 Avg:41.943 Global:41.722kb/s:

encoded 100 frames, 55.19 fps, 601.22 kb/s


mencoder orig.avi -frames 100 -ovc raw -of rawvideo -msglevel all=-1 -o - |
x264 -o rawvideopipe.mp4 -

SSE2 supported but disabled
x264 [info]: using cpu capabilities MMX MMXEXT SSE SSE2
mp4 [info]: initial delay 0 (scale 25)
x264 [info]: slice I:1     Avg QP:23.00  size:  6538  PSNR Mean Y:46.05 U:
V:45.70 Avg:45.93 Global:45.93
x264 [info]: mb I  I16..4: 79.6%  0.0% 20.4%
x264 [info]: SSIM Mean Y:0.9966063
x264 [info]: PSNR Mean Y:46.052 U:45.691 V:45.699 Avg:45.930 Global:45.930kb/s:

encoded 1 frames, 62.50 fps, 1394.20 kb/s

Neither ffmpeg likes the output of mencoder and the command

mencoder.exe orig.avi -vf scale=640:480 -ovc raw -of rawvideo -msglevel
all=-1 -o - | ffmpeg -f rawvideo

-r 25 -s 640x480 -i - -f avi -s 320x240 b.avi

produced a playable but garbled video file.

Ongoing discussion at http://forum.doom9.org/showpost.php?p=931363
Any suggestions/help? Thanks to all!

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