[MPlayer-users] supression of the console output

Gerhard P.Herbig post at herbig-3d.de
Sat Jan 6 21:54:29 CET 2007

from: Warren

> mplayer -msglevel all=0 -quiet $FILENAME > /dev/null 2>&1

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I use Windows XP Home.

from Corey:

>MPlayer usually spits out a few messages to stderr. I get the idea 
>you're using Windows, which, I think, handles redirection correctly. Either:
>... &> nul
>... > nul 2>&1

> Does that answer your question?

Not really:
Yes, with your hints, nothing was written to the console window
(only the command itself will be repeated), but the console window is
created anyway and you can see the window a fraction of time before the
movie starts.

Please think of the following situation:
At first, a beamer will show a total black image.
Then, the movie will be started from a remote client computer via TCP/IP.

And now, before the movie will start, the audience will see a fraction of time
this console window (empty or not) - that is unwanted.

So, it would be helped, if this console window can be a) totally switched off,
or b) created minimized.

Thanks so far

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