[MPlayer-users] Apple trailers and dumpstream

Heine Laursen zannvip at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 09:21:47 CET 2006

Hi. I like to watch movie trailers from apple's trailer site
However most of the time, my download speed is not fast enough to
watch it. So I use mplayer -dumpstream to download the trailer. But
when I do that mplayer don't download the actual trailer, but some
sort of play list I think. If I don't use mplayer -dumpstream mplayer
plays the trailer fine (except my lacking of download speed)
I've then discovered that if, I use mplayer -v http://some_apple_trailer.mov
I see a line like this:
Filename for url is now http://correct_some_apple_trailer.mov
And if I use that link with mplayer -dumpstream I get the actually trailer.

So now I do mplayer -v http://some_trailer.mov
To get the actual url to the trailer
mplayer -dumpstream http://currect_some_trailer.mov
To download the movie trailer
mplayer stream.dump
to play the trailer

Is there some shortcut to do this with mplayer, or am I forced to
Manuely find the actually url to a movie trailer from apple trailers.
I have tryed to with mplayer -dumpstream -playlist
That gives an warring with empty play list

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