[MPlayer-users] cannot convince mplayer to display dvd subtitles

Jozef Riha jose1711 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 00:12:54 CET 2006


i have got quite a few dvd movies for which mplayer lists the
subtitles present but it simply does not show them. i have tried vlc
and hey, it works there. tho there is a strange thing - the subtitles
are coupled like this.

- czech subtitles
- english subtitles
- subtitles 3
- subtitles 4

actually, only choosing subtitles3 and 4 works (3 corresponds to
czech, 4 to english). also, i dont know if it matters but streams look
like this:

stream 0 - spu - subtitles (czech)
stream 1 - spu - subtitles (english)
general - duration
stream 2 - mpgv - video
stream 3 - spu - subtitles ()
stream 4 - spu - subtitles ()
stream 5 - a52 - audio (english)

i have tried -sid in mplayer w/ this number but this did not help.
mplayer insists on just two sids - maybe thats why.

these files might be interesting:

MPlayer 1.0rc
http://phpfi.com/173977 (mplayer -vvv log)
http://phpfi.com/173975 (vlc verbose mode log)

i would truly appreciate any help on this.

thank you.


-- joe

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