[MPlayer-users] AMR on amd64 error.

Gaute Strokkenes gs234-mplayer.users at srcf.ucam.org
Thu May 18 02:58:35 CEST 2006

I have some videos in .3gp format lying about the place.  So recently
I followed the instructions in amr.c and downloaded the
(floating-point) reference codec, put the code in a directory called
amr_float within libavcodec and compiled.

When I played the file the only sound produced was horrible noise.
This surprised me, since I had it working on my previous system.

A cursory examination of amr_float/typedef.h reveals the highly
suspicious statement "typedef long Word32;", which is definitely wrong
on LP64 architectures.  (Presumably the code was developed with 16-bit
machines in mind, but never mind.)  Changing this to "typedef int
Word32;" produces a working amr_nb decoder.

I would have attached a patch, but it's not clear to my how this
should be fixed since the file isn't in-tree.  Possibly configure
could try to patch the file (yuck) or there could be a notice in amr.c
or something.

Gaute Strokkenes
..  the HIGHWAY is made out of LIME JELLO and my HONDA
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