[MPlayer-users] Re: Yet Another RTC-thread

Vincent Lönngren bice77 at malmo2.net
Tue Mar 14 21:15:17 CET 2006

tis 2006-03-14 klockan 20:11 +0100 skrev Vincent Lönngren:
> The system is Debian testing system with Linux 2.6.15. I'm aware that
> this is not a big problem, and movies will play anyway, but it just
> can't be right.

I found the source of the problem. If mplayer is started from the
command line (no gmplayer) and the movie window is closed, as opposed to
using the escape key, Ctrl+C or other methods for closing it, it leaves
a process that keeps hogging /dev/rtc. The window is closed and the
prompt appears in the console, so it looks as if mplayer has exited, but
it hasn't. There is no explicit message about it exiting, which is the
only way of telling except checking the process list.

Is this a known issue?
Vincent Lönngren <bice77 at malmo2.net>

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