[MPlayer-users] Choppy DVD playback

Val vace117 at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 25 22:12:17 CEST 2006

On Sat, 2006-06-24 at 07:57 -0700, RC wrote:
> I imagine you just need to add "-cache 10000" or similar to your
> command-line.
> If that doesn't help, run "top" and make sure your CPU isn't at 100%. 
> And let us know what version of MPlayer, and what VO and AO method you
> are using.
I checked CPU utilization with 'top' during playback and it was around
17% most of the time.

However, you were right about '-cache 10000'. That fixed the problem.
Thanks a lot for you help!

Although I wonder why that was necessary, since I have a powerful CPU,
lots of memory and a new DVD drive. What could differentiate this DVD
from all others that play well?

Val <vace117 at yahoo.ca>

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