[MPlayer-users] Choppy DVD playback

Val vace117 at yahoo.ca
Fri Jun 23 06:32:56 CEST 2006


I was using mplayer to play DVDs for a while now, without any trouble.
However, I just came across a DVD, that is for some reason extremely,
visibly choppy during playback in mplayer. I tried different video
output drivers, but that made no difference.

I tried to play the DVD in xine and in ogle, both of which played the
DVD just fine. I ripped the VOBs and played those with mplayer, and that
worked as well. 

This suggests to me that this is an mplayer specific problem with this
DVD. I would like to know exactly what is so different about this DVD
and why mplayer is having trouble with it. However, I don't know what
kind of diagnostics to run and I was wondering if someone on this list
can suggest somethings.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Val <vace117 at yahoo.ca>

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