[MPlayer-users] libavcodec mpeg error on framerate with pre8

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 17:35:16 CEST 2006


On 6/21/06, Jaap Struyk <japie at deserver.nl> wrote:
> Op wo 21-06-2006, om 17:21 schreef John Brown:
> > Well, if you want to very technical, 30000/1001 =
> > 29.97002997002997002997002997003 (correct to 29 decimal places anyway),
> > which is not exactly equal to 29.97.
> Could that explain wy I have sometimes small a/v sync issues?

Depends: If you content is NTSC (and/or telecine), it's quite
possible. If your content is PAL, the reason is probably elsewhere

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