[MPlayer-users] Re: Problem playing dvd , maybe in decoder

RC rcooley at spamcop.net
Tue Jun 20 10:36:13 CEST 2006

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 00:57:49 -0300
"Salatiel Filho" <salatiel.filho at gmail.com> wrote:

> Please , any help is welcome.  I do not know why this is hapenning.

Well, you didn't post the verbose (-v) output, and you cutoff the
beginning of MPlayer's output, so nobody has any way of knowing what
version of MPlayer you are using.

Have you tried -dumpstream on those titles, to see if it outputs
anything?  How about compiling mplayer with dvdnav instead of the
built-in libmpdvdkit?  Have you tried using the new dvdnav:// support in
latest SVN?  

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