[MPlayer-users] Framegrab from WMV and MPEG files on Linux

Vacuum Joe vacuumjoe at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 18 07:56:44 CEST 2006

Alright, with plenty of help from all the coders who
made ffmpeg and who have worked on it, I got a frame
grabber working that can pick frames out of WMV and
MPEG streams.  It's 100% open source, and I have just
tested it on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

Adding VC-1 support to FFMPEG is not completely
trivial.  I carefully followed the instructions here:
http://multimedia.cx/eggs/?p=129 .  Then I wrote the
frame grabbing program itself, and made it save as
jpegs.  I put this all into one tarball, which
includes the full FFMPEG and VC-1 source, so you won't
have to go through all this to get it going:


I also put up ready-compiled 386 and x86_64 Linux

One interesting note: I was compiling with gcc 4.0.2
(Suse 10).  I noticed that the VC-1 code is SLOW when
compiled with no optimization.  When I put on -O3, it
was dramatically faster.  I didn't expect it to make
as much difference as it did.  Obviously, the binaries
I'm distributing there were compiled with the
optimizer, were statically linked, and have no
debugging turned on.

Thanks for all the help in getting this to work.

Now I can make thumbnails of all my videos with a
one-line find command.

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