[MPlayer-users] ffmpeg and the DLL codecs for WMV (etc)

Vacuum Joe vacuumjoe at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 18 02:14:47 CEST 2006

> >   Stream #0.1: Video: WMV3 / 0x33564D57, 320x240,
> WMV3 is the real name for what Microsoft calls WMV9,
> aka VC-1, etc.
> WMV8 is really WMV2, etc.

How foolish of me!  I will now fall on my sword.

Anyway, that does clear things up.  I found this page:


Does this seem like a good next step for me?  If I
understand it correctly, that code describes a way to
get the VC-1 reference decoder working within ffmpeg. 
The page says the resulting decoder is painfully slow,
but for me, slow is about a billion and a half times
better than not working at all (CPU is cheap).

If my understanding is correct and the technique on
that page will work, I'm going to use that, and I'll
put up binaries and ready-to-compile source trees on
my site (and I'll post a link here of course).

Please let me know if that's the right way to proceed
on this.

Thank you!

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