[MPlayer-users] Coredump when RM demuxing

Jiang Hong netex at 163.com
Fri Jun 16 05:21:47 CEST 2006


I used MEncoder to convert a RM file to FLV. My command line is:

mencoder -vf scale=384:288 -ffourcc FLV1 -of lavf \
-lavfopts i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_frames \
-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=flv:vbitrate=150 -srate 22050 \
-oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp3:abitrate=48 -o mm.flv mm.rm

When it processed at 17%, it failed with the message:

Pos:  47.4s    596f (17%) 34.93fps Trem:   1min   7mb  A-V:0.035 [179:48]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
chunktab buffer too small!!!!!

then coredumped. I saw the message in demux_real.c.

I'm new to this mailing list. Should I put the problem file to
some site?

Jiang Hong <netex at 163.com>

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