[MPlayer-users] Bicubic scaling in vo_gl - does it ever work?

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Wed Jun 14 19:51:51 CEST 2006

Hi Reimar D?ffinger!

 On 2006.06.14 at 18:04:39 +0200, Reimar D?ffinger wrote next:

> >  On 2006.06.14 at 14:21:57 +0200, Reimar Doeffinger wrote next:
> > > To get us on common ground, could you please test the following command:
> > > mplayer -vf test,crop=100:100:0:0 -geometry 1000x1000+0+0 -vo gl:yuv=2:
> > > lscale=1 -rawvideo w=100:h=100 /dev/zero
> > > (or any large file if /dev/zero is not available).
> > 
> > Well, here at work I have only pre7try2, it hangs on this command.
> > Large file, in what sense? Like, 1920x1080?
> The data in that file is never really used, so "large file" as in > 10 MB
> or so, no matter what kind of file.
> I don't know why pre7 hangs, but it doesn't make sense anyway, since it
> does not have the lscale option, which is the main point here :-)

With real file, the results are er.. strange.
Both with yuv=2 and yuv=3 there are no problems. However, should I try
to change brightness, contrast or saturation, I immediately see those
broken lines defects. Even when I don't change them, i.e. my config is

KP7 contrast -3
KP8 contrast abs 1
KP9 contrast 3
KP4 brightness -3
KP5 brightness abs 1
KP6 brightness +3
KP1 saturation -3
KP2 saturation abs 1
KP3 saturation +3

and if default contrast is at zero and I press KP8 (contrary to what it
may look like, it actually sets it to zero), nothing actually changes
but the image breaks at the moment I press those keys.

But if you remember correctly, I got these kind of defects _always_.
Well, I just tried it with that file, but with same options (test
filter, -geometry etc.) and guess what? I got broken lines again,
without even changing b/c/s.

I checked a few different files. Here is result:
"avc1" (ffh264), 1920x1080 (mov) - no defects
DIV3 632x480 (avi) - defects (!)
MPEG1 320x240, ffmpeg - defects
same file, libmpeg2 - no defects
MPEG2 720x480, ffmpeg - defects (!)
same file, libmpeg2 - no defects
WMV3 1280x720 (asf), wmv9dmo - defects (!!)
WMV1 352x288 (asf), ffwmav2 - no defects (!!)

where mentioned (!), in about one case out of 10 or more I got opposite
result. Where mentioned (!!), in about 1 case of 5 I got opposite
results. I case of (!) I always got defects after no-defects case. Not
true in case of (!!).

Trying to change b/c/s produces defects instantly.

All files should be YV12, I guess.. -nomenu/-noslices/-dr/-nodouble
don't change a thing.

So, what do you think?



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