[MPlayer-users] MEncoder slowdown

Grozdan Nikolov microchip at chello.be
Mon Jun 12 23:35:30 CEST 2006

Hi, I just upgraded my MPlayer version from 1.0pre7try2 to 1.0pre8 and I am 
having great performance problems with MEncoder. I usually use MEncoder with 
XviD 1.1.0 (final) to encode DVDs with my "standard" settings (e.g B-Frames, 
Trellis, AC3, 512x384 resolution,...) but now when I want to encode a DVD 
with the same settings MEncoder is almost twice as slower than the previous 
version. Both XviD and MPlayer are optimized to run on my system (Athlon XP 
2000+ with 448 MB on SUSE Linux 10.1). My question to you is why I'm having 
this degradation in performance? With the previous version of MPlayer I could 
get an encoding speed of +/- 23 frames/sec. Now I only get +/- 10 or 11 FPS

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