[MPlayer-users] extracting audio track from a VOB with dev-SVN-r18633-4.0.2

Noah Spurrier noah at noah.org
Sat Jun 10 02:32:47 CEST 2006

I checked out the latest SVN version of mplayer and it built fine.
Now I can't extract the audio track from a VOB!
I'm trying to extract to a WAV file so that I can compress it with LAME.
What ends up happening is that mplayer never stops writing to
the WAV file and I run out of disk space (20GB free on this drive).
I periodically get the following warning:
    Too many audio packets in the buffer: (4096 in 8255996 bytes).
    Maybe you are playing a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec failed?
    For AVI files, try to force non-interleaved mode with the -ni option.

I tried various styles of ripping the audio:
mplayer foo.vob -vc null -vo null -aid 128 -ao pcm:fast -noframedrop
mplayer foo.vob -ao pcm:file=foo.wav -vc dummy -aid 128 -vo null

I am able to play the VOB file with no problem.

Have things changed? Is there a new ideal way to extract the audio track
from a VOB?


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