[MPlayer-users] can't "move" in a VOB file while playing

Pomarede Nicolas npomarede at corp.free.fr
Tue Jun 6 14:27:11 CEST 2006


using mplayer 20060505 RPM by PLF for Mandriva, I noticed that I can't 
'move' in the video while playing using the cursor key.

The file is the VOB file from an homemade DVD. This VOB file plays fine 
under latest xine, and I can move anywhere, so it seems mplayer can't 
handle something in it.

With mplayer, as soon as I press 'right' cursor key for example, mplayer 
exits immediatly, without any message.

I tried to use -idx and -forceidx, but it didn't improve anything.

There is no error message while playing, but I can use -v -v to add some 
traces and send them here if it could be useful.



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