[MPlayer-users] No center out for OSS, but ok for ALSA

Dave D dave726 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 20:36:45 CEST 2006

So I looked everywhere assuming *somebody* had this issue before, but no
luck.. so this is my last resort.

briefly, everything works great if I do this:

mplayer -ao alsa dvd://1 -channels 6

all audio channels work perfect.  However, when I do this:

mplayer -ao oss dvd://1 -channels 6

I'm getting all channels (including LFE) except the center channel is
outputting either the left or right front speakers (not sure which one).
The center channel is not tied to the center speaker. I don't mind using the
alsa driver all the time, but when I use this driver to watch HDTV shows,
mplayer complains that it's too slow (yes, I am using -vo xvmc with -vc
ffmpeg12mc for video).  MPlayer plays the HDTV stream fine with OSS (except
no center channel issue, of course).

I do notice that when I use the alsa driver, the CPU utilization jumps up.

I have a sound blaster audigy 2 ZS with the emu10k1 drivers with a  I only have the alsa drivers compiled with OSS
compatibility (the
depricated oss drivers are not enabled... nor should they be).

Anyone had similar issues?  Is there some OSS configuration files somewhere
that's screwy?

xine plays HDTV shows fine.

- Dave

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