[MPlayer-users] watching VCD on Plextor drives

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Fri Jun 2 19:11:52 CEST 2006

Thomas Maguin wrote:
> mplayer vcd://2 /dev/hdx on Plextor drives still results in an 

What about vcd://   ?

> unacceptable "movie". On the other hand kmplayer produces a correct movie on 
> the same disc in the same drive only using the "Open VCD" dialog. 

What do you mean by "unacceptable"?

> Can't you get some information from there, so that mplayer can play out of the 
> box VCDs on Plextor drives in an acceptable way?

I thought kmplayer was just a front-end for mplayer. I any case, please 
post the text output of mplayer, and, if possible, kmplayer. Try running 
kmplayer from a terminal to get it's output (I've never used it, so 
that's just a guess).

By comparing the outputs yourself you may be able to see what's wrong. 
If not, post here.

If you are subscribed to this list, I suggest you remove the explicit 
reply-to from the messages you send here. If you aren't subscribed, you 
should mention that. I am subscribed, so reply to the list message, not 
to me personally, even though you're getting off-list CC.


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